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Tel: +44(0)7540 225034

Baan Suan Noi is located at Amphoe Sikhio, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, home to the agricultural land that follows the follow the path of King Bhumibol’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.

Mini Van: Best way to get to us from Bangkok is to take mini-van Bangkok-Sikhio. Take it from Bus Station North East Mochit. It will stop right near our resort, just tell the driver that you need to get off at truck weigh station Sikhio, below instructions in Thai.

บอกรถตู้ลงที่ ปั้มบางจาก ตรง ด่านชั่งสีคิ้ว เดินเข้าซอย 200 เมตรครับ

This van driver number is often taken our guest here Tel.083-076-8429

Train: Getting the train from Bangkok proving to be quite a difficult way to get here. The train transporting outside Bangkok is still unreliable and taking a long time. If you want to take a train from Bangkok, the closest station to our place is Pakchong which still 45 mins drive away from us.

National Express Coach: Bus Station North East Mochit is the one if you want to take a bus to here. The ride is taking about 3-4 hours and the stop you need to get off is sikhio.

Car: From Bangkok head to the Korat. It’s a convenient two and half hours drive from Bangkok on a major highway known as Mittraphap Road. Located right of the highway, when you pass Lumtakong reservoir about 3 kilometres the Resort Entrance right before Bangchak Gas Station. If you are arriving by limousine/van, just ask your driver to read the below instructions in Thai.

ขับรถตรงไปตามเส้นมิตรภาพ ผ่านเขื่อนลำตะคองทางด้านซ้าย ตรงไปตามเส้นทางผ่านหลักกิโลเมตรที่ 91 ประมาณ 200  รีสอรทจะอยู่ทางด้านซ้ายตรงด่านชั่งน้ำหนัก ก่อนถึงปั๋มบางจาก